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“We, here in Australia, have been watching the worldwide downsizing trend movement, with great interest and with awe, over the massive growth experienced, both here, and especially in America and Europe.”


It’s not just the elderly folk wishing smaller homes, but there is a general people movement, going hand in hand, with our saying “Live simple rather than simply live”… for younger people/couples/families, to be able to enter the overcapitalized real estate home ownership market.
This is why we think that the tiny kit home market is so popular and appeal to such a variety of community-minded individuals and their families.
Here are some very interesting points, to take into consideration, when considering Tiny Home Life Style;

-Echo style living is here to stay
-Smaller family structures
-Lack of savings for a decent deposit, to buy into real estate in general
-Future plans are uncertain, with a lot of unrest in work opportunities
-Lack of funds to get out of rental market
-Break up of traditional family values
-Instant Gratification syndrome, “must have it now”
So you now understand and see why the Tiny Kit Home market is so popular(:

We will try to assist with the basic general information, and also, become the “bridge over troubled financial waters” as the Simon & Garfunkle song goes.

We will have all your tiny kit home plans available and booklets describing, how to DIY construct yourself, or simply buy off the plan, a brand new tiny kit home, ready to rocking roll!

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So get started by planning your next move toward acquiring your own Tiny Kit Home…

We’ll provide you with various DIY books, DVD’s and other relevant Tiny Home items, that will help you, whatever way you chose to go, building, buying or simply keep dreaming about one day owning and “living simply rather than simply living”.

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